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On behalf of the expert team at Staffing Point, I welcome you to the world of Staffing Point.

We are thankful to our wonderful clients throughout Canada for your continued support and loyalty. You place your confidence in us to assist you in your searches for different staffing solutions, and our experienced and trusted professionals respond quickly and reliably to ensure we meet your staffing needs with the most highly qualified candidates.

We know how important it is for you to select the right partner.  We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your culture and capabilities required for success. We are tireless at candidate sourcing & meticulous at vetting to ensure only the very best are put forward.

Equally as important, we ensure a strong candidate experience with everyone we connect with as a representative of your employer brand.

By providing continuity of staffing through the availability of outstanding candidates dedicated to providing the highest-quality care, we help you maintain the quality and continuity of higher calibre candidates thereby increasing your return on investment.

Staffing Point will continue to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to quality and to you, our valuable partners. We look forward to forging rich new relationships as we grow and respond to your evolving needs now and into the future.


Suba Suriyakumaran


Suba began her career in recruitment as a junior executive and from there embarked on her true calling as an executive recruiter.

After many years working at various staffing companies, Suba decided to venture on her own. Since then, she has enjoyed great success in building the finest staffing company in Vaughan.

Suba’s extensive knowledge of the local market, her vast network of professionals, and easy manner makes Staffing Point the go-to-choice for clients and candidates alike.

Leading the business, Suba understands the importance of building relationships and finding the right networks to connect with. Suba has compassion and heart in all she does to find the perfect fit with every situation.  To get in touch with Suba, click here