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Thank you greeting by the bossThank you greeting by the boss
The importance of the Thank You note after the job interview.

From the HR point of view, making someone an offer to join an organization is always risky. The Hiring Manager is often taking decisions on a limited amount of data collected during a few hours of speaking with you, the candidate and often online.

Sure, some may give you an assignment to test or talk to your references but it never gives the complete picture. And that’s why even in the best of scenarios, often times, promising hires turn out to be the wrong fit.

As a pro-active candidate, you need to apply every resource to tilt the scales. A simple and effective resource could be a Thank You note – ideally emailed after your interview.

Why do it?

A Thank You note signals that you are thinking about the job, that you do want the job. While sending the note doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will be a good hire, it gives a tiny bit more data to consider:  That you are eager, organized, and well-mannered enough to be considered.


Demonstrate initiative.

It also demonstrates initiative on your part, because if the interviewer did not give you the Email ID, you somehow found a way to get it. In such a scenario, the ‘Thank You’ email is definitely a show of resourcefulness.

Here is another way to look at it. When you are really passionate about the job, you would do everything in your power, including find an excuse to follow up – which is all a Thank You note really is.

Good Follow-through

It’s also the ‘final pitch’, a chance to follow-through, remind them of your talents, and signal that you are still interested in the role. Smart Thank You notes are tailored to reflect the specific conversation that happened during the interview – again, a great opportunity to showcase that you are engaged and a great listener.

Personalize further.

In your Thank You note, you can personalize it further by highlighting a particular skill set that was discussed and expand on it based on what it seemed the employer was looking for.

Keep in mind that you should only bring this up if it is of vital interest in the role you are interviewing for.

Making the effort to send a quick note also emphasizes your written communication skills to the employer and that you are thankful for their time and consideration. Besides your application, this will be one of the first times an employer can see how you would potentially be perceived when communicating with clients or customers in this role.

In summary:

A person’s talent, qualifications, enthusiasm, and likely effectiveness in the job are all evaluated.  A Thank You note is just one of many considerations that could tip the scales in your favour. It could go much further than you may think, so just go for it. And one day you will be thanking us for this article.




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